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Short Courses and Conferences

Short Course: Electric Vehicle Market & Technology Workshop

A short course highlight of the EVTC short course offerings was the EV Market & Technology Workshop that occurred prior to the October 2015 EV Summit. The EV Market & Technology Workshop provided pre-conference attendees, the public and EV knowledge seekers with detailed information regarding the various types of electric vehicles currently on the market and what to expect in the future. Subjects included EVs for the future, battery and vehicle charging technologies and consumer information. Learn More.

Conference: EV Transportation and Technology Summit

The Electric Vehicle Transportation Center organized and offered the first EV Transportation and Technology Summit held at the Florida's Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida during October 2015. This 2-day Summit focused on transportation planning, infrastructure and technology requirements needed to support the adoption of many forms of EVs. It provided an update on the current state of EV deployment, technology and planning to a diverse group of stakeholders.  The 2015 Summit's impressive collection of speaker presentations is available under the Program tab listing at: http://www.evsummit.org/. Planning for a second Summit in October 2016 is underway.

Webinar: EV Basics

This two-hour webinar covers the basics of Electric Drive Vehicles. The webinar was a cooperative effort of the EVTC, the Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition and Jason Gaschel, an instructor certified by the National Alternative Fuel Training Consortium. The webinar is available on demand to EVTC stakeholders and partners. This webinar was also used as a prerequisite for First Responder Safety Training – Electric Drive Vehicles, a one-day short course for firefighters and emergency service personnel that has been conducted several times. Safety training of first responders is considered to be an essential component of increased EV adoption so that drivers and responders are confident that EV incidents and emergencies will be handled according to industry safety standards. See the following link below for these webinars: http://www.fsec.ucf.edu/en/education/cont_ed/brevardwf/index.htm