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by FOX 35, 1:53

Wireless EV Charging
by Qualcomm Halo, 3:05

How Plug-in Vehicles Work
by U.S. EPA, 3:00


Tallahassee StarMetro
Electric Buses

"Test Driver" Star Metro PSA
by Ian Edward Weir, 1:10

Star Metro - This is Going to Change Everything!
by Proterra Inc., 1:41

StarMetro APTA
by Proterra Inc, 2:55


Conference Calendar

Abstracts Due


Electrochemical Society/PRIME
Of special interest at this meeting will be a presentation by an EVTC researcher.
October 2-7 Honolulu, HI N/A
EV Summit
October 17-20 Cocoa, FL N/A
TRB 96th Annual Meeting
January 8-12 Washington, D.C. N/A



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U.S. Department of Transportation
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Vehicle Technologies Office
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Drive Electric Orlando
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Electric Vehicles in Hawaii
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