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EVTC will conduct technology transfer through conferences and conference presentations, professional and scholarly publications, industry and consumer literature development, and outreach using conventional and social media. The EVTC Quarterly Newsletter may be viewed at: http://evtc.fsec.ucf.edu/publications/index.html

Workforce Development

The EVTC is developing, in close cooperation with state and local workforce agencies, a variety of job training and an EV career map.  Current efforts with Florida workforce agencies include specialized and customized training for new and incumbent first responder workers in the police and fire force. The Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition will also play a major role in workforce development efforts using U.S Department of Energy approved curriculum for training new and incumbent workers. The EVTC will also foster workforce development through the growth of new businesses using the UCF's incubating technology endeavors.

Helping Businesses Grow

The University of Central Florida is recognized as a national leader in incubating technology companies. The UCF Business Incubation Program is an economic development partnership designed to help create and sustain jobs in the community and spur economic growth throughout the region. This goal is accomplished by helping new and struggling early-stage businesses grow to the point where they need to hire employees in order to continue operating and growing. Since 1999, the incubator program have assisted more than 350 early-stage companies, who have created nearly 3,700 jobs and have had a total impact on regional economic output in the amount of $2.48 billion. The program's community partners are the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia Counties, and the cities of Apopka, Kissimmee, Orlando and Winter Springs, FL.

UCF's major partner in the incubator program activities is the Florida High Tech Corridor Council. The Florida High Tech Corridor Council was established and formally funded by the Florida State Legislature to promote high-tech employment in partnership with education by attracting, retaining and growing high-tech industry in the service areas of UCF and the University of South Florida. The outcome of this effort has been matching research funds, workforce development, pro-industry legislation and tax incentives. The Florida High Tech Corridor is nationally recognized.

The third major UCF business development program is the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR) which is located in the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Center, a 100,000 sq. ft. building being constructed in a research park in Osceola County, FL. The Florida Advanced Manufacturing Center is offering building space and laboratories for companies who wish to focus on development of advanced manufacturing technologies and take advantage of dedicated space without issues associated with permitting and utilities.

The ICAMR program will develop innovative manufacturing processes, materials, and equipment for advanced sensors and other future high-tech products (emitters, modulators and energy and communications devices/systems). By leveraging unique emerging technology capabilities, processes, and background IP, ICAMR will develop advanced laboratory and fabrication facilities and universal technology platforms with the economy of scale needed for cost-effective manufacturing. This consortium will provide Florida with a platform for advanced manufacturing development that will bridge the gap between advanced research at Florida's research universities and cost-competitive manufacturing that will move these discoveries into the marketplace.